15.06.2020. 18:34 || Vedran Mihalić

What is a custom WordPress web?


Custom Wordpress websites are designed to your specification: from the position and size of the photos to features that scale into a full-blown shop once your youtube channel blows up. They work equally well for startups and government foundations.

Custom websites tell a lot in a short time. When done well, they deliver your story in a glance.

Sure, most people get a theme online, for 5-50 USD, but are surprised they don't come with text and images and end up hiring a developer anyway.

Who makes those

You hire a WordPress developer to create a unique design and build specific features into your Custom WordPress website. It happens in stages or "sprints" as designers call them nowadays.

Your first meeting will be short. You'll be asked about your visual identity (meaning logo, slogan, colours, font - if you have it), customer personas (who are the audiences and what do you do for them?)

What do you want this website to do? Generate leads? Generate sales? Serve information on a specific field or topic?

Think of use scenarios, too - how would people find your website? What would they have to do to get to where you are?

Are templates budget-friendly

People get templates in a hurry, then realize they have no images, texts or testimonials—nothing to put in a counter. Sure, you can make those templates shine, SEO and trim with features you want, but with this much effort, you could have built your own custom design.


Why be different

Leading an information-saturated multiscreen life turned us all into chickens (and this is a scientific psychology thing) looking for tasty bits in the mud of social networks and the open internet. If it shines, sounds or looks right, you peck it, and if you like what you've found, you dig deeper in the mud.

How many times have you opened websites only to close them seconds later because they did not sound or look right? On to the next shiny bit then, and the next.

You form a first impression about a person in 1/10th of a second. According to Google's own research, it takes about 50 milliseconds (ms) (that's 0.05 seconds) for users to decide if they'll stay.

Once they're there, you need to think about structure, wording, images. Plan every link, click through every page to deliver the most incredible user experience.

The same does not tell your story right.

Who uses custom-designed WordPress websites

So glad you asked: AngryBirds, yes the mobile game - movie franchise, The Next Web, only the largest web technology conference in the world, and our clients.

Tell us what you need.