Marin Ranteš

Branding, photo shooting, custom designed and developed WordPress theme.

Extreme blogging

Marin came to us with the idea of a blog and a website to serve as a point of reference for his fans since he is EU wide known BMX pro and extreme sports personality.

We started with a couple of photoshoots and showed him how to make great content out of good looking photos. His Red Bull contract set the colour palette, paired with a clean, technical, engineering font.

Fan touchpoint

Marin is engaged in the community, promoting responsible extreme sports, and he loves to share his sports experience, which makes for great content and engagement. His numerous fans drop by often.

Smooth user experience

Using custom field design, we built Marin an excellent tool for sharing his passion and thanking his sponsors in a couple of taps and clicks, or a hearty long-form.

After a couple of weeks of working with us he picked up enough practical knowledge to run the website completely by himself.

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