Varaždinske Toplice tourist board

Print design, photo shooting, custom designed and developed WordPress theme.

History today.

The Ancient Roman Thermae website wanted a website telling their long and honoured history as a place of healing since the ancient Roman legionnaire times, where wounds from great battles were healed.

Our team went exploring the ruins for inspiration and photo materials.

Looks ancient, works like new

The initial design drew a lot from the Roman tradition, starting with the fonts and numerals, using a lot of “historic” feeling colours.

Once the client, Tourist Association of Varaždinske Toplice approved the design it was implemented through a combination of HTML, CSS and and JavaScript.

Client keeps it fresh

The backend was completely based on WordPress CMS, with a couple of plugins to help web site admins keep an eye on SEO, legibility and maintain good content long after we finished it.

Romans would be proud.

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